How It Started, I am not describing the decaying remains of snakeskin. I’m describing me, Theresa Danielle, former springboard diver with crunchy greenish-blonde brittle hair and dry, itchy skin. With my teenage years spent as a diver, it was obvious where my hair and skin issues came from; hours spent in chlorine-filled pools.

But as I entered my 30s, having moved to a big city and no longer spending my days as a half-human, half-acrobatic mermaid, I couldn’t understand why my hair was still brittle and my skin dry, dull, and lifeless. Is this what aging was supposed to be like?! Walking around in what looked like the decaying remains of an old snake? At least they got a fresh new skin after they were done with their old one! Is this what we were supposed to settle for?

I couldn’t live with that. So I bought supplements, creams, retinols, hydration tablets, you name it. I tried it all! Still nothing. Now I was a frustrated and broke walking snakeskin, shedding more hair by the day; a potent combination not to be messed with in the animal kingdom, unleashing a stratospheric drive and determination to find the underlying root cause of my problems.

Funnily enough, my research eventually brought me back full circle to my days as a diver. No, aging definitely shouldn’t feel like this, but when higher concentrations of Chlorine can sometimes be found in your tap water than in your typical pool (plus hundreds of other chemicals and contaminants!), you might be fooled into thinking otherwise.

It was in going back to the most basic element of our health that Puriphied was born. My mission is to provide you with the purest foundations for health, wellness, and beauty, starting with the cleanest water to nourish your skin and hair. I’m so excited for you to try it and experience the many benefits of using Puriphied water for yourself.